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Concave-convex rod gel

High adhesive concave soil

High adhesive concave soil is to use the rare natural non-metallic mineral——Attapulgite clay(Attapulgite Clay)After soaking、Grinding、Dehydration、Surface activation、Shattered、Deployment、The parcel...

High suspension thickening agent

High suspension thickening agent

High suspending agent concave soil as paint additives can be used in water base、In organic solvents for the substrate of the coating system,Such as paint、Primer、The antirust paint、Enamel、Phenolic mixed paint、Amino paint、Nitrate...

Golf cart

Adsorption decolorizing agent concave soil

1、The product high decolorization rate、Filtration speed;After bleaching,Filter cake residual oil rate is low、Product quality is stable,No smell and is suitable for long-term storage and transportation。2、Use of this product is very easy,Don't need to change...

Hollow glass desiccant

The hollow glass desiccant can adsorption hollow glass of water and organic residues at the same time,Even at very low temperatures insulating glass has remained bright and transparent,At the same time,Can be fully...

Concave-convex rod packing

Oil decoloring sand

The product is a natural decolorizing activated purification and adsorption decolorizing products,The ore is a special kind of natural mineral mixed materials,These unique properties make the processing...

Thixotropic anti-settling viscous type、Thickener

Type viscous thixotropic anti-settling thickener,In aqueous and solvent system has good anti-settling、The thickening effect。It passes through special processing,A dry powder,The main ingredients for magnesium...

Pesticide packing

Magnesium silicate aluminum

This product is a natural magnesium silicate aluminum water purification,In accordance with the United States pharmacopoeiaUSP23,Insoluble in water and ethanol,Chemical inertness,High dispersion or in the water can form translucent touch after grinding...

Pet gasket

Pet gasket

This article adopts the natural non-metallic mineral---Attapulgite clay,The dressing、Extrusion、Drying process refined but become,This product has strong adsorption ability,Consolidation of deodorant inhibited the growth of the bacteria...