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Quality layers of checks- Quality cengcengbaguan To evade8Great product disadvantage -

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Free to provide cost-effective packaging material application solutions

As needed to provide the suitable products,From the size、Viscosity、Thickness and physical performance to meet customer demandStrictly implementedISO9001Countries such as the quality inspection standards

The same is the qualityThe demand for change Not change the qualityTeng sheng packaging material industry for many years,Strict controls of product quality,Meet your individual needs

Research and development production

Research and development of their own factories,Production capacity is strong,Enough inventory

Packaging materials industry experience,Professional production team;The company has thousands of square meters workshop independently;Meet the requirements of big small and medium-sized cargo,Ensure supply;
Production equipment

Precision equipment,Clean room assignments

Introduced a number of production technology and a complete set of production equipment;The quality of raw materials,Comprehensive ability;Online testing equipment and strict quality control equipment;
Quality standards

Comply withISOQuality inspection standards,Strictly enforce standards

Professional inspection equipment and skilled skills;Product quality cengcengbaguan,Supply stability;Product diversification、Durable、Stable performance;
Service system

Provide pre-market after-sale one-stop service

Pre-sale technical support,Offer free sample;Professional team,Butler order follow up;Support for site acceptance,Product quality problems,The unconditional return;
Service Process

Service process

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Teng sheng packing materials

Industrial and commercial、The tax departments for approval
Registration and certification of formal enterprises

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Dongguan city sheng packaging materials

Teng sheng packaging line step is located in the border town,Production and marketingPE、OPP、PETProtective membrane and packaged products,The main:Wrap film、Stretch film、Electrostatic membrane、Hand with membrane、PVCWrap film、PEStretch film, etc。Has a complete set of automatic stretch film machine,Various type of injection molding machine。Product quality inspection standard。

Years of technical experience,The work pursuit of excellence,Scientific management system,Make my company's product quality、The reputation of customer satisfaction。Companies adhering to the“The customer is supreme,Forge ahead”The management idea,Provide service for the customers,Welcome to patronize!

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