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LiXin dyeing cloth
Printing LiXin cloth
Coating LiXin cloth
Membrane LiXin cloth
Black and white LiXin cloth
LiXin curtain cloth
The mattress LiXin cloth
Shoes material LiXin cloth
Car interior cloth
Filter material series
In the series
Automotive wiring harness tape baseband
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   Huizhou home and industrial co., LTD is located in huizhou, guangdong province, known as known as lingnan MingJun,Was founded2004Years3Month。 In home and business founding shareholders1997Years has been focused on the production of chemical fiber products,And studying environmental regeneration resources industry,Want to contribute a bit to the society,To make a contribution。

   LiXin with cloth100%recycleGive priority to,Now home and owns five German high-speed production line,And printing workshop is established,At the same time can satisfy the customer need LiXin cloth processing and flame retardant processing、LiXin cloth dyeing、Peritoneal LiXin cloth, etc......[Look at all of them]

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